"Vacation.com has been using MailPound’s eBrochures for a few years to promote several of our programs and we have seen terrific click thru and email forwarding statistics. We have heard similar success stories from some of our close supplier partners. And travel agents love how easy it is to personalize their electronic tools and send them to their clients. In today’s digital-centric world, MailPound makes the lives of suppliers and travel professionals easier and more productive."

Stephen McGillivray, CTC
Chief Marketing Officer
Travel Leaders Group

“Since conducting our first webinar with MailPound in December 2007, Ask Me has benefited from increased visibility within the travel industry and of course, an increase in overall business. Webinars have allowed us the opportunity to showcase our brand message and reach and a far greater number of travel professionals, within a cost effective platform. MailPound’s webinar program has proven so successful for us, that we have committed to hosting a minimum of 9 webinars per year, each with a different theme and targeted sales & marketing message. More importantly, MailPound delivers results and we believe that this is in large part due to their devoted staff and overall commitment to the travel industry. Bottom line, webinars allow travel professionals the ability to educate themselves on a consistent basis and allows us, the supplier, the ability to reach a targeted audience, in a much more cost effective manner, allowing all parties to work smarter, not harder – and for this, we thank MailPound! ”

Marilyn Cairo
Managing Partner
Ask Me

“Our destination webinars with MailPound have been a great tool to provide immediate communication to all our travel partners and interact on a group basis. Follow up correspondence with the targeted audience has been positive on the learning experience they were able to gain through these educational webinars. We hope to continue providing our partners the most updated information to support their sales efforts for Hawai'i's Big Island.”

Deanna Isbister
Leisure Sales Director
Big Island Visitors Bureau

Viking Cruises firmly believes in the importance of training our travel partners. From in house to webinars, we know the success rate of selling cabins is directly related to these events. MailPound has been a part of our core training for many years and we highly recommend their services. A polite and ready staff, incredibly professional on air hosts, and very reasonable prices. We do our own internal webinars but when we want to go big and get great results, MailPound is the only one we choose."

Michele Saegesser
Vice President, Sales
The Americas
Viking River Cruises

When I partner with MailPound for a webinar I always receive the highest attendance of agents during my sessions! MailPound’s reach to the travel industry provides me with the maximum amount of exposure to my product and destination! "

Amy Tine
Regional Sales Manager
Universal Orlando

"Absolutely one of the best agencies and talented group of professionals we have the pleasure of working with. MailPound gets it. They understand the market and the needs of their customers and will work with you to create and develop your marketing vision. Their extensive market reach will quickly and effectively bring optimum exposure to your brand.

They are extremely customer sensitive and have never – regardless of the incredible time/resource constraints imposed – missed a deadline or come in over budget.

Every project – irrespective of size – is given the same thorough focus that is essential for successful campaigns.

We at British Airways look forward to continuing our long and successful relationship with MailPound."

Frank Nuovo
Brand & Communications Manager, Marketing NA
British Airways

"Marketing with MailPound is easy and dependable. Their attention to detail, timeliness and first class service continues to far exceed my expectations. They have been such a valuable partner in maintaining and expanding our business. I am excited to continue our partnership for years to come!"

Kier Matthews
Vice President of Sales
Europe Express