“MailPound has been a valuable sales and marketing resource to reach clients quickly and efficiently with the latest supplier promotions and e-brochures. Posting on social media sites is a snap with prepopulated agency contact details. And, it's my go-to website for instantaneously identifying suppliers serving a destination.”

Scooter Tessari, MCC
The Cruise Center, Inc.

“I love the fact that a list of promotions comes in each morning & we can decide which ones we want to send out and to whom. It's so easy -All in a 1 stop shop. They also are very professional looking -which makes us look good as well. The ebrochures are also a go to resource for us -since it's all in 1 place -along with our contact information always being there no matter what page the client is on! I always encourage suppliers who aren't on MailPound to check it out -it's also a 1 stop shop for them as well. Keep up the great work & we want to wish MailPound many years of continued success. NOTE: Deb & Amy are always very responsive and a pleasure to work with.”

Larry Ryan
Royal Cruise World/RCW Travel

"MailPound is where Travel all started for me. MailPound is great with helping Travel Agents get started with roots in the Travel World. They are an amazing team, and well organized. When I need marketing and e-brochures, it's "MailPound!" Thanks for all your help!"

Paula Honroth
Wild Fun Travel

I love the incredible information and availability to my Travel Agency. The Webinars are incredible and help me to grow my business."

Marie Younce Pugh
BBG Travel

"If you are a travel agent, then you need to sign up with Mail Pound. Webinars, great looking sale flyers, websites daily promos. Mail Pound is 6 stars as far as I am concerned. This is a must for anyone selling travel. Great social media integration an very responsive customer service. I have been with them for a long time and they are great people to work with and just supply so much value I can't see how anyone can pass them up. Sign up, it is free you will not regret it and your marketing will do nothing but improve."

Steve Autieri

"Great asset to any travel agent. Education, email brochures and much more. Signing up was easy!!!  Thank you..."

Shannon Spivey-Mayo
Tranquility Travel ETC